Coach Clifford Ice announces retirement

Elise Keller

Coach Clifford Ice gives directions to players during the Nov. 28, 2009, State championship against Fort Osage at the Edward Jones Dome. The final score of the State game was 31-14, making it Webster Groves’ fourth State championship.

Coach Cliff Ice, who has worked as assistant activities director and head football coach since 1999, plans to retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

“What we’ll miss is a darn good football coach,” athletic director Jerry Collins said.

Ice was only the eighth coach in Webster football history. His coaching career of 21 years brought him two Class Five state championships, as well as a 151-82 career record.

“I mean, he’s 

very successful and that’s not by accident. He’s very, very smart and very, very good,” Collins said.

Ice lead his teams in 2002 and 2009 to win the state state championships. He also led his 2003 and 2010 teams to place second in the state tournament. His 2005 and 2013 teams also competed in the state semifinals.

“He’s also a very good leader of not just his players but also of the program and his assistant coaches,” Collins said.

Ice went further than just being a great coach, though.

Coach Ice looks back at assistant coaches as team approaches the end of second half of this year’s Hazelwood Central game.

“He has a great personality. He’s always willing to help the kids, and he always has the best interest of kids in mind. He’s even said before he can’t recognize enough kids, so he really loves the students.,” Kim Edwards, secretary, said.

“He’s fun to work with. He’s a good guy,” Edwards said.

“He’s a very likeable guy. He’s very professional in how he tries to treat kids fairly. He tries to consider all aspects of his program, and I’ve never seen a coach do more to work with the kids,” Collins said.

“I like Coach Ice very much. He’s like a father figure. He always kept me out of trouble. He always did a lot for me,” senior Enrique Quinones said.

“When he has students that are struggling or students that aren’t always doing it the way you’d expect things to be done, he’s, without hesitation, flexible in working with students to help them succeed. I’ve never seen a coach be more flexible and more open to working with students that need help in order to help them be successful,” Collins said. 

“We’ve been very fortunate to have such stability in that program for such a long time. Not just with him, but many of his assistant coaches have been with him for a long time, too, so having the stability and positive leadership in that program will be missed for sure,” Collins said.

“I think we’re gonna miss him tremendously. He’s gonna be some big shoes to fill. His dedication to his job and his coaching– he’s the best of the best. I’m gonna miss him,” Edwards said.

Students, though, are still hopeful for the future of the football program after Ice.

“Webster has always had a good football program so I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine whoever head coaches,” Quinones said.


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