Op-ed: Attend St. Louis Women’s March 

Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

About 8,000 activists gather downtown Jan. 20, 2018, for the St. Louis Women’s March for Truth. This year’s march will begin Jan. 18, at 10 a.m. Photo by Greg Frazier

Attend the St. Louis Women’s March on Jan. 19, beginning at Market Street and 18th Street at 10 a.m. 

“I went to support my rights and encourage others to support them, too,” sophomore Audrey Swaine said. Swaine attended the march two years ago. 

“What I liked about the women’s march was that people got together and supported women’s rights, and it was a chance for me to support women in our society,” sophomore Zinnia Castro said. Castro also attended the march in 2018.

“St. Louis Women’s March is committed to inspiring women to ACT. We encourage women of all colors, faiths, ideologies and sexual orientations to create meaningful change through activism and advocacy, in their own lives and the lives of their neighbors and communities,” the St. Louis Women’s March website said. 

Marches like this are important because they aim to help advocate for human rights legislation. Most of these marches try to focus on intersectional feminism, including issues of race, sexuality, disability, nationality and other similar subjects in their effort to promote equality. Intersectional activism is important because it is inclusive and acknowledges that these problems are related. 

St. Louis Women’s March is a non-profit organization and is separate from the National Women’s March and women’s marches in other cities. Civic engagement, intentional collaboration, social justice, environmental sustainability and family empowerment are the guiding principles of the St. Louis Women’s March, according to the official website. 

It will not be cancelled due to weather but may be delayed. Any announcements will be posted on social media. 

Parking will be available in any public parking lots, although many people take the Metrolink. The closest stop to where the march begins is Union Station. The fare for a ticket is $2.50. 

The march and all other events are organized and planned by volunteers. Volunteers are still needed for the march this year. At all speeches or performances, an ASL translator is provided. 

Money can be raised for this organization by donating or purchasing merchandise from their online store. Merchandise includes hoodies, tee shirts and bags. 

There is no cost to attend the march, but a donation of $20.20 is requested from each person attending. All donations will go to planning and producing the march and other events. 

Poster making parties are often organized among friends, neighbors and communities. Posters are made to bring to the march.

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