Fields from the Frontline: Women’s basketball gives back to community

Jaden Fields
Junior Editor

Junior Gabriela Moore plays defense during a game against Lutheran South on Thursday, Dec. 5. Webster went on to win the game 48-37. The teams also held a diaper drive with all the proceeds going to Nurses for Newborns. Photo by Emily Goben

Women’s basketball started its season with its first game on Thursday, Dec. 5, against Lutheran South.

The team is led by head coach Josh Spuhl, who’s coming in for his third year as head coach.Winning is always a priority for any sports team, but this year the team also put another goal in it’s headlights: giving back to the community.

The team was competing against Lutheran South in more ways than on the court with a diaper drive.

Both teams had a section for diapers to be dropped off in support of their team, and the side with the most diapers at the end of the evening is the victor.

“I felt it was necessary for our program to find ways to give back to our community. Our first community project was a Diaper Drive.

“All of the proceeds went to Nurses for Newborns. We are still deciding what we will do next,” head coach Josh Spuhl said via email.

The team hopes to do more community centered projects in the future.

The team started the season with a 48-37 win against Lutheran South on the court and with the diaper drive.

In years past, the women’s basketball team has had some issues with lower numbers, but this year those numbers are rather promising.

The team has 30 players in the program, which is a significant improvement. It is have enough players for a Varsity, JV and C team, which is composed of primarily underclassmen.

This year, the team has a smorgasbord of different types of players, ranging from rather experienced players, and some that are fairly new to the game.

“There’s some good players and then there’s some that have never played before. We have a big range of talent,” sophomore Jenna Clark said about their underclassmen community.

The team also has a feeder program, and the girls involved in that are now in eighth grade, so they will be joining the Statesmen next year.


Jaden Fields – Junior Editor

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