News Brief: Projects Plus Gallery displays holiday figures

Two visitors explore the main hallway of the “Holiday Blow-Up Celebration” surrounded by blow up holiday figures and decorations. Photo by Sarah Carmody.

Projects Plus Gallery “Holiday Blow-Up Celebration” is a family-friendly indoor holiday show full of blow up holiday characters. It will take place Saturday, Dec. 7 to 21, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Projects Plus Gallery is one of four locations owned by Barrett Barrera Projects (BBP). BBP locations showcase works from St. Louis and international artists. Some notable exhibits presented are by fashion designer Alexander McQueen, like the “A Queen Within” show. 

BBP galleries have alternating exhibits, including many seasonal showings such as the “Holiday Blow-Up Celebration.” Visiting shows are typically free and require short time commitment.




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