Band performs annual holiday concert

Zora Thomas
Business Manager

Seniors Lillian Ortinau and Noel Spatola give band director Dane Williams flowers and a card following the holiday concert Dec. 5, in Knight Auditorium. Photo by Zeke La Mantia

Student musicians performed the bands’ annual holiday concert on Dec. 5, from 7 p.m.- 9 p.m. in the WGHS auditorium. 

The Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band performed some classic holiday songs, and students all wore ugly Christmas sweaters while performing. The concert was free to attend. 

One of the band directors, Kevin Cole, said, “We were very pleased with the performance and turnout for the concert, and we all felt like the kids and the music were very well received.  From a purely technical standpoint, our students performed very, very well.”

Band student, senior Evan Palmer said, “I think it went really well, wind symphony and symphonic band did a very great job, preparing each person for their specific roles and what-not, so I think the whole concert itself went pretty well.”

The band prepared for this concert throughout most of October and November. This planning involves balancing rehearsal time while preparing for the football games during this time. 

Palmer said, “When it comes preparation for the band concert…practicing in the orchestra room is pretty great, but you have to take time on your own to practice and outside of school.”

Most of the songs chosen for the concert were traditional, holiday-related songs. The other songs were aimed at challenging the students while keeping in mind the time frame they had to practice.

About the significance of the concert, Cole said, “Our concerts in the music department aren’t unlike tests in the core classes; they’re administered after several weeks of work both as a long-term learning goal and as a measurement for how well we’re all doing.  This one was obviously timed as it was to coincide with the holidays.”

Another band director, Dane Williams, is retiring after 31 years of teaching at the high school. 

Palmer said, “ I’m upset that he’s leaving because, even though it’s my last year. People aren’t going to be able to see him as I did and to be taught by him, but I’m also very glad for him, for this opportunity he can have for moving on with his career and doing what else he can for the school system. I just want Mr. Williams to do big things outside of his retirement.”

Zora Thomas – Business Manager 

This is Zora Thomas’ first year on with Echo publications. She enjoys being involved with the school, and is looking forward to the rest of the year.


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