Starbucks holiday drinks are back

Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

Starbucks holiday drinks are back as of Nov. 7. These flavors are peppermint mocha, toasted white chocolate mocha, caramel brûlée latte, chestnut praline latte and eggnog latte. These drinks are available as Frappuccinos, hot or iced. 

This is a review of the hot drinks. The peppermint mocha and chestnut praline latte were the best drinks and the caramel brûlée latte and eggnog latte were the worst. The cups were decorated in red, green and white.

The peppermint mocha had a very faint peppermint flavor, although any more may have been overwhelming. The peppermint flavor was complemented by a chocolate flavor. It was less dense and milk-y than many of the other drinks. Coffee couldn’t really be tasted in the actual drink, however the aftertaste did taste more like coffee. 

The toasted white chocolate mocha also didn’t have a very prominent coffee taste, although it did have a slightly burnt undertone as promised in the name. Chocolate stood out the most out of all the flavors. The amount of milk in this drink made it dense, heavy and filling.  

The worst drink was the caramel brûlée latte. While it did taste somewhat like coffee, it had crystallized sugar or caramel on top that stuck to the teeth. The texture was unexpected, overwhelming, and couldn’t be overshadowed by the overall good taste of the drink itself. 

The chestnut praline latte had the most coffee-like taste of all the drinks. It had a warm flavor and a reasonable amount of milk. 

The eggnog latte tasted like hot milk. It had a weird, chemical aftertaste and a similar smell. 

Starbucks also has seasonal food. One of the winter foods is is the peppermint brownie cake pop. It’s a cake pop with a brownie as the base and is coated in a peppermint shell. The taste overall is good, as well as the ratio of chocolate to peppermint. The peppermint shell made it difficult to eat, and peppermint mixed into the brownie may have been easier to eat, although it looked better this way. It is $2.25.

A tall is $4.45, grande $4.95, and a venti is $5.45. A tall is Starbucks’ name for a small, a grande is a medium, and a venti is a large. These drinks will be available until Jan. 6.


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