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People celebrate Thanksgiving with fruits and and autumn’s natural materials like those in this basket. Public domain photo from

In North America, families have their own unique Thanksgiving traditions. Whether it be to kick-off the holiday season, or annually pull out a special family recipe, each family has its own special tradition.

Lillie Torbit, sophomore, described her family’s Thanksgiving as a wholesome kick-off to the coming December holidays.

Torbit said, “After dinner, my family and I sit down and watch the ‘Polar Express’ to get ready for Christmas. It’s really special to us, and we’ve done it every year since I was little.”

Sophomore World Civilizations teacher Alison Bryar described her yearly Thanksgiving traditions as simple, yet special.

Bryar said, “On Thanksgiving, […] we hang out and cook. We usually watch the movie ‘Elf’, and talk around the table for a while too. Last year I did the Turkey Day six-mile run and plan to do so again. I’d like to make that a new tradition.”

Bryar added she visits her husband’s family the following day in Chicago, Il.

Bryar noted, “Food, family and fall weather make Thanksgiving one of the best holidays.”

Social Studies and Psychology teacher Conner Katsev described his Thanksgiving as a fun time for family.

Katsev said, “Since I was younger, my mom’s side was in Camdenton, Mo. We always go down on Wednesday to my grandparent’s house and settle in. On Thursday, we would have Thanksgiving lunch, which is always the main-part of the day. Of course, fried and roasted turkey, green beans, stuffing and my family’s famous angel biscuits, which are only made on Thanksgiving and is a secret family recipe.”

Katsev added, “ After lunch, we would sneak onto the golf course by their house and have fun, which is a good way to walk off the food. Then, we’d all come back have some leftovers and my uncle’s famous chocolate pie.”

SSD teacher Marina Holcomb described her large family’s Thanksgiving as a happy time.

Holcomb said, “My family is quite large. I am number seven of eight children, so I have plenty of places to go. Typically, we eat around noon and again around five because there are so many houses to visit.”

On the subject of Thanksgiving traditions, Holcomb noted she has made a special one for herself in recent years.

Holcomb added, “One tradition that I have started within the past few years is to go shopping on Thanksgiving evening. It’s fun to be around the crowds because everyone is in a good mood. This is the only day of the weekend I will shop.”

About her family’s special Thanksgiving traditions, sophomore Londin Furfaro said, “My family tradition on Thanksgiving is that my parents, my brothers, and I all go to my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family in Illinois and eat lunch there. […] I have a very large family on both sides, so it’s always a very fun and nice time when we’re all together.”

Furfaro added, “Later, we all go to my mom’s side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner and hang out there for the rest of the day.”

Furfaro also said, “I am very thankful to have my grandparents very close to me, so I can see them for special times like these. It’s always very special to our family to have each other for the holidays.”

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