Webster crowns Friendship King, Queen

Zora Thomas
Business Manager

Webster Groves’ Friendship King, Quinton Nehring, and Queen, Lilly Ortinau, are crowned at the annual Kirkwood-Webster Friendship dance at Webster Groves High School Nov. 2. Photos by Lindsey Bennett

STUCO nominee, Quinton Nehring, and band nominee, Lillian Ortinau were crowned King and Queen of the 81st annual Friendship Dance on Nov. 2.

Coach Cliff Ice, said, “I thought it went well…had to get about 2,200 kids in a gym from opposing schools, and nothing bad happened. I think it was fun, both schools talk a little bit about having their own homecoming, but I think it’s a pretty unique situation that the two schools get together and do it. I think it’s a fun evening.”

Since 1939, the Kirkwood High School students have joined together with Webster students before the annual Turkey Day game to celebrate the Friendship Dance.

An article by the Webster-Kirkwood Times, “Friendship Dance Marks Its 75th Year,” said, “In autumn 1934, the Webster Groves Hi-Y sponsored its first Turkey Day pep parade and, the day after the Turkey Day Game, held its first ‘victory dance,’ named Tacky Dance, in which ‘many of the Kirkwood students showed their friendly spirit by attending the entertainment.'”

Ortinau said about being elected queen, “It’s pretty cool. I wasn’t really expecting to win, so it’s very exciting to win.”

About what she would like to say to the people who nominated her, Ortinau said, “I’d just like to thank them for supporting me.”

Each year two seniors are nominated to run in the friendship court for seven groups: band, cheerleading, Echo, Football, step team and STUCO.

Nehring said, “It’s an honor to be Friendship King. It feels really nice to have support from my fellow Statesmen, and I really appreciate all the people that voted for me.”

This year’s band nominees were Ray Wetzel-Meehan and Ortinau; Jacobie Banks and Sanaa Reed for cheerleading; Ethan Weihl and Elise Keller for Echo; Cole Schnettgoecke / Kameron Yancey and Elizabeth Egley / Jocelyn Woods for football; Donell Robinson and Tanys Giles for step team; and Nehring and Peyton St. James for STUCO.

Students voted for a male and female contestant on Oct. 15, during sixth hour.


Zora Thomas – Business Manager 

This is Zora Thomas’ first year on with Echo publications. She enjoys being involved with the school, and is looking forward to the rest of the year.


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