Stisser’s Scoop: Vine walked so Tik Tok could run

Emily Stisser
Entertainment Columnist

Chances are you had an account on Vine. Perhaps you even have an active account on Tik Tok. Whether you simply view videos or are viral, there is a clear difference between the two applications, but which app is better?

tik tok final
The Tik Tok logo shines upon the grave of the discontinued app Vine. Logos from Wikimedia Commons and public domain image from Good Free Photos

According to Media Kix, in its height Vine had 200 million active users, less than half of what Tik Tok has today.

According to Datareportal, as of July 2019 Tik Tok has 500 million active users worldwide making the app ninth in terms of social network sites, ahead of well known platforms Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Tik Tok has an obvious advantage over Vine.

First of all, the app has not been discontinued, #ripvine.

Furthermore, the videos on Tik Tok are longer, ranging anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, whereas Vine is known for their six second looping clips. Additional video time allows for extensively planned videos and increased creativity, promoting a much more dynamic platform.

Additionally, the factor that keeps the app together is music and sound. Users are able to use sounds and sounds they have seen other creators use. Users can then favorite or save these sounds to use later.

On these factors, senior Peyton St. James said, “I think that Tik Tok is better than Vine in a few ways. One, you can make longer videos and creativity is not limited to six seconds like Vine. Two, you can use music and sounds on Tik Tok which give artists in the music industry a chance to have their song hear, which I think is cool because there have been some songs that have blown up because of Tik Tok.”

According to Media Kix, 66 percent of Tik Tok users are younger than 30 years old, where according to Expanded Ramblings in 2015, 71 percent of Vine users were millennials.
St. James was an active user on Vine but did not use it as much as she uses Tik Tok today “because I was younger when I had Vine,” she said.

With the extensive amount and variety of clips comes several different trends, communities and pockets on Tik Tok. A few types of the most popular videos are dances, singing, art, cooking, lip syncing, beauty, comedy and more.

Although the spontaneity and ridiculousness of Vine contributed to its mass popularity, the format and mechanics of Tik Tok are built for lasting growth.

The way videos are sorted on both of the applications varies as well. A unique element that has contributing to Tik Tok’s success is the ForYou page. The app opens to this page, recommending some of the most popular videos, hashtags and creators.

St. James said, “What I like about both apps is that people can express themselves through video. They have a chance to show their personality.”

Although Vine is dead, words and phrases such as “hi welcome to Chili’s,” “what are those” and “9+10=21” will forever be memorialized in our hearts and minds. Thanks to the enduring reign of Tik Tok, you’ll have plenty of future trends to hold on to.

Emily Stisser – Opinion Editor 

This will be Emily Stisser’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her freshman year.


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