Veterans share experiences with students

Gabriel Gooch
Contributing Writer

To prepare students for the Veteran’s Day celebrations, Webster resident Keith Moore brought his 1942 M5A1 Stuart tank for students to peruse in front of the school.
Photo by Page Kimzey

Sixty veterans will speak to students on Nov. 7, as part of the Veterans Day celebration. Each social studies room will have five different veterans from each era to share their stories.  

This year social studies teacher Terry Verstraete and assistant principal John E. Thomas will speak at the assembly, alumni relations supervisor Pat Voss said.  

Voss also added the theme this year will be African Americans in service .  

Verstraete said, “They share their stories with students each one talking for about five to ten minutes.”  

This will give students a look into the past. Students will get to hear stories about wars in history through the eyes of veterans that experienced them. Also throughout the week, everyday will have a new announcement about a different branch of the military.  

Voss explained six students will be in charge of researching a veteran who received the medal of honor and all six will be from different eras.  

“This school happens to have one of them so you’ll learn about him as well,” voss stated.  

This means students will get to learn about a student from Webster Groves High School who earned the medal of honor.  

During the week there will also be military equipment such as an F4 cockpit and a helicopter from the Vietnam war. There will also be World War II equipment including a tank, jeep, and hopefully a half track. 


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