Students juggle school work with after school jobs 

Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

Students already have hours worth of homework every night. Some students choose to throw sports or after school jobs into this struggle. Some choose to add both. 

Some businesses in Webster Groves accept high schoolers as job applicants. Teenagers can apply for jobs at restaurants like Serendipity, Firenza Pizza, The Block, Dairy Queen or Dewey’s. Places like Saint Louis Gym Centre, Vetta Sports and Lucky’s Market will also hire students. Some students choose to babysit or mow lawns to make money as well. 

Clover and The Bee is one restaurant that hires teenagers as bussers or hostesses. Sophomore Ellie Wiemer and junior Mia Jacobsmeyer are bussers or hostesses there. 

“As a busser I’m cleaning off tables, getting ice and just doing errands,” Wiemer said. 

“I greet people when they walk in the door and I move the reservations around so there’s enough (room) for walk-ins, and set menus on tables.” Jacobsmeyer said about hosting. 

Junior Reagan Austin is a hostess at Olive and Oak. 

“Basically, I seat people, I take reservations, I take to-go orders,” Austin said.   

Sushi Station is another restaurant with teenage employees.

“I’m a busser so pretty much I’m filling up waters and cleaning up tables when guests leave,” sophomore Lili Gregov said.  

Students also work at the Kirkwood Farmers Market. 

“In the spring and summer I was a cashier and now we have a big fall kids place and so I sell tickets to that,” sophomore Annabelle Lewis said. 

While some students choose to work at restaurants, others are self-employed or work for small businesses. Sophomore Victoria Proffer works at Cat Gaines Events, a wedding planning business. 

“I’m a wedding planners assistant,” Proffer said. 

Places like Clover and the Bee and Kirkwood Farmers Market have flexible hours and want their employees to be able to succeed as students. 

“My boss is really understanding that I’m in harder classes and that I need to have time to do homework,” Lewis said.  

“They’re super flexible with the hours I work to make sure I have time for school,” Wiemer said about Clover and the Bee. 

“Sometimes it’s difficult because I go straight to cheer, then straight to work after cheer, and then I have to do homework,” Jacobsmeyer said. 

“It’s hard when you’re taking hard classes and you’re working all night,” Austin said. “I usually work until 10 p.m. every night.” 

“It cuts out a lot of my time,” Proffer said. 

Some students feel that they have to decide between school work and a job or school work and a social life. 

“It’s kinda like one or the other, especially on weekends,” Gregov said.


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