New space merges coffee, school spirit

Lindsey Bennett
Print Editor

Senior Katka Tractova paints a mural for the entrance of the new store. She and her sister, senior Aja Tractova, worked on the mural over summer. “A mural of Webster and what’s happening around,” Katka said about the mural’s content. Photo by Blake Kenoyer

When students run in to grab their morning caffeine fix, they can now browse shelves and racks of spirited clothing and merchandise.

The collaboration between the Parents Club and Special School District (SSD) combines the Spirit Store and Coffee Shop into one place near the Drama Hallway.

“It’s a much larger space with better flow and the Parent Club did an amazing job of decorating the space,” SSD teacher Emily McEntire said.

Parents Club volunteers proposed the new location to allow its merchandise more visibility to students, parents and the community.

“It’s a win win to have more customers to the coffee shop and the store,” Parents Club said via text.

Parents Club fundraising goes to Students Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, Senior Scholarships and The Senior Party.

“(The Coffee Shop) Supports community based instruction field trips, supplies for Functional and Vocational Skills classes (cooking activities, birthday bags materials, etc.) and scholarships,” McEntire said.

Sophomore Sydney Bond waits in line before placing her order at the coffee shop. Photo by Lindsey Bennett

“It has been interesting to watch the sales – they have changed completely,” Parents club said.

The Coffee Shop sales are up 33 percent compared to the first five weeks of school last year. The Spirit Store has seen an increase in in-person sales.

“The volunteers who are working at the store love the new location and love having a chance to interact with the students,” Parents Club said.
The store is open 7:30-7:55 a.m. Monday-Friday and 9-10 a.m. on late-start Mondays.



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Lindsey Bennett – Print Editor

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