Teachers meet with parents for progress reports

Lydia Urice
Contributing Writer

Parent teacher conferences take place in the WGHS cafeteria Oct. 16, 2018. Photos by Ellie Marshall.

Parent-teacher conferences will be the week of Oct. 7. Parents will visit WGHS and get a summary of how their children are doing this school year so far. 

“We will be meeting tomorrow [Sept. 20] to set up the schedules on PTC,” secretary Mickey Erb said. PTC is the fast online program the school uses so parents can schedule appointments with the teachers online instead of waiting in line. 

“On Sept. 27, teachers will get progress reports in on SIS so parents can see their child’s grades before meeting with the teachers,” Erb said.

Last year, conferences were on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but this year, they will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in observance of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur which begins Tuesday evening Oct. 8 and ends on Wednesday evening Oct. 9. 

 “[My job is to] facilitate and support teachers so they can best connect with parents,” principal Matt Irvin said. He’s there to set up opportunities for parents and teachers to connect, which is different than what he’s used to as a leader in the building. 

Teachers put in extra hours to meet with parents. They put in a full day of work, teaching students and then stay three more hours to meet with parents. Even though each conference is only seven minutes, it adds up to three hours extra at night. 

On Tuesday, students get a half day while teachers use the time to get grades in and talk to parents. If a teacher happens to fall ill and can’t make it to conferences, it’s his/ her responsibility to contact parents, either by email or phone, to make up an appointment time. 

“[]Monday and Thursday are] Two really long days, but I enjoy meeting parents and even struggle to not talk to them for longer than seven minutes,” science teacher Marty Walter said.


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