Law requires change in school calendar

Zeke La Mantia
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Social studies Zach Smith welcomes junior Tristan Denholm at the senior entrance to the first day of classes.  Next year, school will start later due to a new Missouri law that prohibits schools from beginning until 14 days before Labor Day.  Photo by Donald Johnson

State legislators have moved the school starting day to later in the year. Next year class will begin Aug. 24.

The later date was signed into law last summer.

School will go on as normal and teachers will make new calendars and activity schedules including all 20-21 school year events.

About if the school year would end at a later date as well as starting later, superintendent John Simpson said, “ We don’t know if the school year will conclude at a later date, but it’s highly likely that it will. Unlike last year and prior years, we no longer have to be in session for a set number of days (and minutes).”

Simpson added, “Now, schools must be in session for a set number of minutes. Theoretically, we could extend our day by a certain number of minutes and still get out before Memorial Day.”

The earliest schools will be able to start is 14 days before Labor Day.


Zeke La Mantia – Social Media Editor

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