Print Version: WG ECHO September 2019 Issue

This is the first issue of the 105th year of the ECHO.

Contents include:

  • Students walkout to raise climate change awareness
  • Teacher is finalist for Presidential award
  • School begins ‘late start Mondays’
  • New space merges coffee, school spirit
  • Law requires change in school calendar
  • Men’s cross country celebrates early success
  • Four Varsity teams feature freshman players
  • New coaches aim to continue past excellence
  • New program facilitates student-created businesses
  • Teachers share pre-teaching experience
  • ‘It Chapter 2’ captures audiences fears, emotions
  • ‘Lover’ marks the dawn of a seasoned era
  • Sleep deprivation has lasting effects on teens
  • Classroom decorations affect student’s learning
  • Major corporations called to protect customers, take stand
  • ECHO Editorial Policy
  • Willie’s Comic


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