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Emily Goben
Contributing Writer

Senior Tyson James works on a project in fifth period Marketing II. Students were asked to market the new St. Louis major league soccer team. “We pretty much designed the soccer team as if we were the ones bringing it to STL,” Ainsley McDermott, another senior in fifth period Marketing II, said. Photo by Emily Goben

After seven years of teaching at Washington High School, business teacher Kathryn Laurentius now teaching Marketing I, Marketing II and Personal Finance at Webster Groves High School.

Laurentius attended Southeast Missouri State University and majored in business. She was inspired by her high school business teacher, and her first experience working in business was at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Laurentius always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her older sister also works in education, and they always played school together. As a child, she loved school. 

Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with students and seeing them grow as the year continues. Patience, adaptability and compassion are three of the main values Laurentius has learned from teaching. 

“Every student is going through a lot outside the classroom,” Laurentius said. Laurentius clearly cares about each individual student and realizes the impact she has on them. “I think the hardest part of teaching is that it matters every single day,” Laurentius said.

Laurentius is one of the two the DECA sponsors. “DECA is an organization of marketing students to prepare them for college and careers,” Laurentius said.

Outside of school, Laurentius likes to spend time with her husband, her nieces and nephews and her dog, Ellen. She works at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre during the summer and on weekends and enjoys listening to music. 

Laurentius’ advice for students is to try their hardest and be themselves. “I think that’s the most important thing when you look back on it (high school),” she said. 

Junior Gracie Hedenberg is in Laurentius’ Marketing I class and said, “I think demographics and the way a company advertises is super interesting.” 

Hedenburg is planning to take Marketing II next year because marketing plays a role in the career path she’s interested in. She would also like to go on the New York Trip. 

Hedenberg’s favorite activity they’ve done in the class is a “marketing mix.” Students picked a product, described their target market and created a pretend customer profile. She’s looking forward to projects that combine DECA and Marketing, like the Mr. Webster event.


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