Graduate wants to improve environment

Senior Emma Sellers poses with a cow at Gentle Barn Sanctuary.

Graduate Emma Sellers has a love for science and environmental issues. She will take her passion to the University of Denver this year where she will study environmental chemistry and German.

“The University of Denver is the only place I’ve seen with environmental chemistry as a major, and it has a lot of close locations where I could apply my learning. I’ve been accepted into the honors program there and the school overall seems like the best fit for me,” Sellers said.

In her future, Sellers hopes to work specifically on bettering animal rights, waste and pollution issues.  

Sellers said, “There are so many species and ecosystems dying every day that I’d like to help improve.”

Sellers said AP Chemistry teacher Lisa Sylvester inspired her to pursue “a career in science.”

“When I first met Emma, she was quiet and reserved. I couldn’t get a great read on her, and then one day I saw her take extra care to save a cricket from my classroom. When she did this, when she showed she cared about the life of the smallest of creatures, I could tell she was a special young lady,” Sylvester said.

“As the year progressed, I saw her spark for science grow into a full flame. She has shown persistence and dedication in spite of setback. This is an attribute I think falls to the wayside so often: the ability to persist and persevere.”

Sylvester believes that Sellers’ persistence and dedication will ensure that, “ Emma will succeed in anything she chooses, but I see her working to make our environment safer and stronger.”

Sellers said her ultimate goal is “to see the world in a state where people are healthier, the environment is cleaner, and animals plants and animals are more appreciated.”

Evelyn Trampe – Video Editor

This will be Evelyn Trampe’s second year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year. She is also a member of Quill and Scroll.


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