Eagle Award winner shares positive outlook

Senior Olivia Bickford sings in A-ladies and A-men a cappella winter concert in Dec. 2017. Photo by Caroline Fellows

“If I were to describe Olivia to someone who has never had the privilege of knowing her, I would use adjectives such as vivacious, kind, challenging, and hard-working,” senior Olivia Bickford’s Spanish teacher Lana Harter said.

Bickford has spent her time at Webster Groves High School involved in WGHS A Capella, PACER program, WGHS Crew, National Honors Society, Gifted Writers and church where she sings on the worship team and teaches Children’s Church.

Teacher and a cappella director Eric Dunn said, “Her combo of kindness and leadership makes her invaluable to every group she’s a part of.”

Bickford has sang on the a ladies a capella team for the past three years and was greatly impacted by the experience.

“After [a performance] I always feel so fulfilled and awesome,” Bickford explained. “Really the culture there is just like something that I’ve never experienced, like it really is such like a family. We’re really close and I really have enjoyed being a part of that.”

Bickford’s goal is to become a music therapist and eventually open her own private practice after attending the University of Louisville. Bickford explained, “If I had to describe myself in one word or phrase, I guess I would say I’m a kind musician. Music is a huge part of my life and I also try to be kind to everyone, so that’s me in a nutshell I guess.”

Teacher Jamie Schwartz said, “[Olivia] is sunshine in human form (…) Her drive for helping others no matter the personal sacrifice is what makes her stand out (…) she is selfless.”


Trinity Madison- Business/ Advertisement Manager

This is Senior Trinity Madison’s first year on ECHO staff. She now serves as Advertising / Business Manager after a year of training and contributory writing in journalism class.


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