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Senior Eleanor Marshall attempts to look edgy, posing by a graffitied wall in New York City. Photo by Charlotte Marshall.I guess this is goodbye.

I’ll try to make it short and sweet, sparing you the painful cliches, but how do I sum up the past three years of my life in a single page?

Let’s start from the beginning. 1983, to be exact, when my destiny to become a writer was set in stone. This is the year that my father was the editor of the Echo.

Ten years later, his brother followed in his footsteps, writing ground breaking stories and being the first person in my family to make Echo advisor Donald Johnson worried about keeping his job. I knew I had to keep the tradition going.

Now, take yourselves to 2016, when our country was in the midst of the most controversial election of my lifetime. If you’ve ever read my writing, you know that Donald Trump and I don’t necessarily have the same fundamental beliefs, so when he won, I was crushed.

This is the year that I joined the Echo, and writing became my outlet. With my words I felt I could make a change.

Now it’s time to say my real “good byes.”

To the staff: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the people that made my high school career, and I will cherish our time together forever. I will never forget the controversies, the legal battles, the late nights editing, the pizza parties, the laughs, the tears and everything in between. We have truly become a family.

To everyone who has trashed my articles: From the bottom of my heart, thank you, too. When I started high school, I was in a bad place, and weirdly enough having my articles ripped apart by my peers (specifically group chats aligned with certain political beliefs that differ greatly from my own) has given me confidence that I never thought I would have.

To Lindsey: You’re gonna kill it next year. You are an amazing writer and friend, and I am proud to pass my title onto you. Don’t be afraid to make the student body uncomfortable.

To Cole: Thank you for keeping me sane. I’m excited for another four years with you. Stay “neo-Marxist.”

To Michael: Keep writing. I know school isn’t your thing, but you are extremely talented. Never forget that.

To Charlotte: My womb mate and roommate for the past 18 years. It’s gonna be weird not going on nightly ice cream runs or hearing you hum every morning while getting ready for school.

To my parents: Thank you for your endless support. I know I’m a pain. I love you.
I have never been good at endings, so, farewell WGHS. You’ll see my name in lights one day.


Eleanor Marshall – Opinion Columnist

This is Eleanor Marshall’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year. She has been recognized for her work by JournalismSTL, MJEAand MIPA.


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