Living Room provides great service, delicious food

Annabelle Lewis
Contributing Writer

The Breakfast Plate comes complete with fruit, greens, eggs, toast and potatoes. Photo by Annabelle Lewis

For anyone looking to extend dining experiences to outside the Webster bubble, The Living Room is a great place to go.

Located in Maplewood, this cafe is an order and be served rather than a sit down place. The staff is friendly, and the food is reasonably priced. The breakfast plate that comes with eggs, toast, fruit, greens and bacon is about $9.50, but it comes with a pretty large amount of food.

There are a large assortment of drinks to choose from, and the cafe makes sure to fit all lifestyles and include vegan choices. Almond milk substitutes are available as well as veggie/fruit replacements for meat.

Several bars are set up against the large windows as well as a few tables and chairs. The decor is simple but also cute and fits the vibe of a modern coffee shop with big windows and light wood furniture.

Fresh flowers, as well, brightened the space up.

The drink menus are chalkboards, and the food menus are on little slips of paper that would be easily accessible to grab and scan while the person in front of the customer is ordering.

Unless coffee is ordered to go, the drinks are served in mason jars with paper straws in order to be more environmentally conscious.

There are also tables and picnic benches so that customers can dine outside.

Overall, this cafe has wonderful service, delicious food and a cheerful environment; it just makes one happy. 


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