Faculty members will move on from Webster at the end of the school year

Ada Foley
Contributing Writer

Four faculty members will leave the high school at the end of the school year.

Tim Cashel
Tim Cashel is the Social Studies Department chairperson and teacher and the head Varsity soccer coach. He has taught at Webster for 28 years.
“Students… they just tend to have an enthusiasm and optimism that is great to be around,” Cashel said about his experience. “I look forward to seeing the students every day.”

Cashel will move on to a new career coaching soccer full time with the St. Louis Academy Club (STLAC), and he looks forward to that new opportunity and to spending more time with his family.




Martin Milstead
Martin Milstead has taught for 53 years, 25 of which have been at Webster. Currently, he teaches U.S. History.
“I love practically every day I come to school,” Milstead said, “and watching the lights come on in kids’ eyes.”
Milstead looks forward to sleeping in after his retirement, and he hopes the students he reached are now more aware of the world around them.





Scott Stallcup
Scott Stallcup teaches World Civics and U.S. History, and he coaches basketball. He has taught at Webster for 14 years out of his 32-year teaching career.
“I can still remember my first day on the job,” Stallcup reflected. “It’s been great. I would not change anything.”

Stallcup hoped he has taught his students the value of hard work. “If you do your best, in the end, things are going to work out.”





Cyndy Gilbert
Cyndy Gilbert has worked at Webster for 17 years. She started working in the library and copy center, and now she is a receptionist.
“Since I am, for some people, the only contact they have with Webster Groves High School, I hope it’s been a positive experience for those people… and supportive,” Gilbert said about her experience as a receptionist.
Gilbert is looking forward to sleeping late after retirement, and she has enjoyed all the people she has worked with over the years.

Photos from Webster Groves High School 




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