THRIVE to launch next year

Annabelle Lewis
Contributing Writer

Seniors Ben Ortinau, Natalie Hanrahan, Emma Binder and Garry Dunlap discus
logos with marketing teacher Kara Siebe

THRIVE Incubator will be introduced to students next year.

Run by marketing teacher Kara Siebe, the THRIVE Incubator is an entrepreneurship incubator used to help students design their own businesses with guidance. They’ll be provided with mentors twice a week as well as the chance to meet with lawyers and marketing executives to help their business become successful.

Students will learn how to promote and start their businesses. Competing in competitions like the popular ABC TV show “Shark Tank,” they’ll pitch their ideas to entrepreneurs in an attempt to make money from their business. Real businesses will get to decide if they would like to invest to help the students businesses grow.

“THRIVE is a business program where you can start your own business from scratch, either with a group or individually,” junior Jessica Peterson said.

This class is available for juniors and seniors only and will be held off campus at the Webster Groves Service Center for the first three hours of the school day. When the students graduate, they can either keep their businesses to run for their future or sell their shares.

Even though it will not be run unlike a traditional class, students will still receive credit.  Students will also do site visits and can meet with people of other companies to help them kick start their business.

Students who choose to participate in THRIVE will be able to create their own businesses and are allowed to keep all the profits from their company which is a nice added bonus.

“When they [students] graduate they can take the business with them or if they’re in a group they can sell off all their assets to whoever they want,” marketing teacher Kara Siebe said.

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