Despite spring obstacles, team has 11-9 record

Isabella Ferrell
Contributing Writer

Senior Jacob Clark talks to senior Angelo La Mantia on the pitching mound of Plymouth Field between innings April 2, at the Parkway Central game. Statesmen lost 10-13. Photo by Isabella Ferrell

With five regular season games left, five postponed and three cancelled, the men’s baseball team has faced multiple obstacles along the way to a winning season.

Since it is a spring sport, rain is a number one issue. Multiple games get cancelled, practices get moved inside and with three teams things can get a bit tight.

The team has been put in the hardest district, with opponents like SLUH, Chaminade, Kirkwood and CBC.

“It’s a hard obstacle, but I believe as a team we are strong enough and have the talent to beat these teams,” junior Ethan Barrs said.

Along with competitive opponents, players have gotten injured.

Junior Evan Furfaro, the team’s starting shortstop, is out for three weeks with an injury. About how being hurt has affected the team, Furfaro explained that senior Angelo LaMantia and junior Avery Himes have stepped in.

“I thought that it’s impacted us positively because they have really come through and helped the team out a lot,” Furfaro said.

Despite the obstacles, the team has had one of the strongest starts to the season it’s had in awhile. It won the Lindbergh-Mehlville tournament 3-2 against Mehlville in the Championship game on at Vianney on March 21.

“We have been struggling a little bit lately, but with the rest of our schedule, I think it’ll be fun. It’ll be interesting to watch us for the rest of the season,” Furfaro said.

Thirteen seniors will leave the team after this season, but the team isn’t worried.

“We have seven very talented juniors on the team right now, as well as many talented underclassmen on JV,” said Barrs.

As for the rest of the season, the team believes to find itself in a “good position,” Coach DaRond Stovall said.

“There is always room for improvement. We are going to continue to work…hopefully we can reach our goal of 20 wins,” Coach Stovall said.

The next baseball game is Friday, May 3, at 7 p.m. against Parkway West, and the next home game is Saturday, May 4, at 12 pm against Alton on Plymouth Field.


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