Letter to the Editor: Students, alumni wants Burchett to return to Chelsea Center

On behalf of the BBB (Bring Back Burchett) we thank all the students, staff, parents and community for their continuous support in our efforts to get Mrs. (Julie) Burchett reinstated as the director of the Chelsea Center.

As of now, we have met with Dr. Irvin and Dr. Simpson, protested outside the Board of Education Self-Evaluation meeting and strongly voiced our opinions. To our knowledge, we were told the administration (Dr. Irvin) was looking for “fresh eyes” in the Chelsea Center.

Many students have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Mrs. Burchett, and those students have tremendously benefitted. These benefits coming through experiential learning, internships, credit recovery, her caring mentality, and much more. For those reading this, stand up, speak up, go against the “norms,” and challenge the administration and their decisions. Mrs. Burchett has been in the Chelsea Center since it started, and it has positively improved every year since. The administration won’t answer questions, and we are tired of waiting.

Voice your support, call Dr. Irvin, call Dr. Simpson, tell them your opinion. It’s time that we fix this wrong, together, despite the administration constant secrecy and quietness. We need answers, and we are not going to wait much longer…

-Bring Burchett Back Committee

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