Print Version: WG ECHO March 2019 Issue

This is the seventh issue of the 104th year of the ECHO.

Contents include:
*New bills regarding abortion wrong for Missouri
*Letter to the Editor: Students, alumni want Burchett to return to Chelsea Center
*Student council officers to be elected
*Burchett removed from Chelsea Center
*Students lobby with Planned Parenthood
*All Write comedian did not please crowd
*Senior poet awarded second Franzie
*United Methodist Church restricts LGBTQ+ community
*School should value growth, not proficiency
*School-to-prison pipeline threatens youth
*Newspapers jump the gun on ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’
*Fishing club begins spring competitions
*Men’s tennis comes back in full swing
*Wrestling finishes season at State
*Soccer Seniors begin final season
*Student-run company to produce spring play
*Review: “Deltarune: Chapter 1” charms in spades
*Willie’s Comic


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