Editorial: Prop E will provide safety, reduce overcrowding

Proposition E will create a beneficial environment for all students with the new proposed extensions.

The Echo endorses proposition E.

The new bond increase will not raise any taxes and will keep the current tax rate at 56.99 cents per $100 of property value. This means that no citizen of Webster Groves to pay more money than he/she already is.

The proposition also allocates $6 million for an increase of accessibility i.e. chairlifts, ramps, etc. in all schools. This will help those with disabilities better navigate schools.

The proposition also helps address safety concerns brought up by recent lockdowns in the district. It will fund more secure entrances and doors to classrooms. This will help to protect students, creating a safer environment for them to learn.

However, the largest concern addressed by Proposition E is the space issues in the elementary schools.

Currently, 9 percent of elementary school students are in modular units outside, and this number of students is expected to grow over the coming years. Students should not have to deal with the distractions of working in a temporary, outside classroom.

These changes, however, will not affect the high school, other than the aforementioned safety and accessibility concerns. The new school system will allow for a greater camaraderie among the middle school grades, building a stronger community at Hixson.

Our school district is the bedrock that allows our community to thrive, and voters need to give the school district the resources to continue to build our community.

Voters need to prioritize the efficiency, safety and community of our students and vote for Proposition E.

Proposition E increases safety levels at all district schools and solves overcrowding issues.
If the bond were to fail, it is likely that more modules would need to be implemented, and safety and accessibility improvements would be limited to what is available within the district’s current operating budget.

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