McClure reflects on high school lacrosse career, looks toward future

Gretchen Skoglund
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Senior lacrosse goalie Kelly McClure signed to play at Quincy University starting in the fall of 2019. “I think it will be fun to just build up the program and the culture,” McClure said.  Photo by Gretchen Skoglund

Senior lacrosse player Kelly McClure is optimistic about what’s to come.  The Varsity women’s goalkeeper, who signed to play at Quincy University, looks forward to leading the Webster team in her final Statesman.

With a record of 5-15 last season, McClure emphasized the importance of this year acting as a team rebuilding effort.  The team has already begun preparing for the season. Players get together for open gym practices every Wednesday and for workouts every Thursday.

“The team is really fun. While we’re competitive, we also have a lot of fun even at practice,” McClure said about the group’s dynamic.  “I love playing with my friends. I’ve played with most of them since fifth grade.”

Senior player Theresa Palmquist said, “What makes Kelly a great teammate is her attitude, humor, and kindness.  She inspires me to be a better player on the field and a better teammate.”

“Kelly always is 100 percent in the moment, giving it her all.  I know that anytime the ball is on our defensive side, she will do everything in her power to make a save,” senior Kate Booth, one of last season’s captains, said.

Apart from Webster, McClure also plays club on Brave Lacrosse, which has allowed her to take her game to the next level.

McClure committed to Quincy in October of 2018 to play collegiate lacrosse.  Quincy’s 2019 recruiting class consists predominantly of Missouri players. “Most of [the recruits] are from St. Louis.  I’ve actually played with all but two of them during club so far,” McClure said. “As far as going to Quincy, I’m really excited to start the program.  Being able to play with people I already know will be a lot of fun.”

About why she chose Quincy, McClure said, “I love the campus, [the team is] in a really strong conference and it’s gonna be a new team this year.  I think it will be fun to just build up the program and the culture.” Another factor in her decision was based on Quincy’s renowned Aviation program, a field in which she plans to major.

Although McClure competes at an elite level in lacrosse right now, it was not always that way.  Initially, she played competitive softball, thinking it was the sport she wanted to pursue in college.  

“I actually started out playing softball because, at the time, I was better at it. But softball wasn’t the sport I loved,” McClure said.

Reflecting on her extensive athletic experiences, McClure had some advice to give younger players with collegiate sports dreams.  “Play the sport you love to play,” McClure said. “Playing a sport in college is a big time commitment. You shouldn’t just be there for the scholarship or bragging rights, but because it’s something you really want to do.”

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