Wrestling finishes season at State

Ethan Ryan and Elise Wilke-Grimm
Contributing Writers

Coach James Lemay instructs students during practice in December. Photo by Trinity Madison

“No matter what the outcome is, you know you put everything on the line, and we love you for it. Never give up,” senior Edward Suber said. His words epitomized this season for the team.

As the wrestling team left Farmington High School for Districts, seniors Eric Pettibone and Charlie Getz each placed for State while sophomore Hannah Jansen made third place in women’s in only her first year wrestling. She too was on her way to Columbia where this year’s State Tournament was held.

“It was hard for me not to get in my head about matches,” Jansen said.

This had been the goal all season as Coach Lemay and the wrestling team have been working towards Districts and on since early November 2018. But there are challenging moments as well.

“I lost my semifinal match by one point, then I had to wrestle back,” Getz said.

Through that hardship however, a team can find unity in one other. Sophomore Ella Erb, one of the only women on the wrestling team, said, “The girls are treated as family, just like the boys are. Our whole family is surrounded by the idea of keeping each other safe and comfortable.”

Pettibone, who would later go on to place sixth and medal at State, said, “The whole aspect of being on a team and working together as a family is very important for the wrestlers. Coach Lemay is like the father. Especially when you’re a senior and you already know a lot, he is mostly there for support, so you can go to him with anything you need. [Lemay] looks to us almost like [the seniors] are the big brothers of the team.”

Getz agreed with Pettibone. He enjoys how close one can become with Lemay and the other wrestlers.

“After four years of being around them, it’s like you really feel like you can go to them with anything and you will feel supported,” Getz said.

Pettibone and Getz enjoyed their time wrestling in high school, and they’re excited to wrestle in college as well. Getz plans to go to Central Missouri, and Pettibone doesn’t have a particular college in mind yet.

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