Frazier from the Field: Jay Blossom hangs up whistle after 20 years

Men’s head Varsity coach, three-time State champion and owning a ridiculous career mark of 486 wins

Coaches Scott Stallcup, Jay Blossom and Justin Mathes look out on the court as the Statesmen battle Liberty in the Semi-final match for the State championship on March 3. Webster would go on to win back-to-back champions. Photo by Greg Frazier.

189 losses. Can you guess who? Jay Blossom.

It’s easy to understand why hearing “Coach Blossom” anytime during a basketball game compels the fans to cheer. The man is a living legend on the court. For my mere three years of covering men’s basketball, the one thing I have noticed about Blossom is a voice. No matter how loud Coach Zach Smith gets with his cheers, he will never compare to the voice Blossom has.

He’s able to guide the players like a conductor through a Beethoven piece, only this time, the instruments are dribbles off the ground and shot clocks ringing out. It’s really quite impressive.

It took a while, but I managed to take a picture of Blossom smiling. Now, that is a rarity.

Gabby Blossom, his youngest daughter, plays women’s volleyball at Penn State University. Blossom didn’t want to miss out on her three remaining seasons.

Blossom left Webster after two back-to-back State championships. That’s quite a high to leave on. The elephant on the court is this question: who will take his place now?

Assistant coach Scott Stallcup, who is also retiring, said, “There is a lot interest inside and out of the program.”

Personally, I’d like to see Coach Justin Mathes take the position. It’s a right fit. Mathes has that voice that Blossom is taking with him. What Mathes and the rest of the Statesmen need to do in these next defining years is to build a reputation. Blossom was a big part of the WGHS basketball program, but it’s time for change.

Another thing to consider is whether having a back-to-back-to-back State title is a possible send off for Blossom.

Stallcup said, “You only have to beat them once.”

The Statesmen have found success in every game this year, but that isn’t a reason to think that Districts won’t be hard.

When/If Webster wins Districts, then it’s a straight path towards the hat trick. 3-0 State Champions.

Greg Frazier – Sports Editor 

This is Greg Frazier’s third year on ECHO staff.  This is his second year as sports editor and columnist.  Also he made several contributions while taking journalism class his freshman year.

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