Print Version: WG ECHO January 2019 Issue

This is the fifth issue of the 104th year of the ECHO.

Contents include:
*Letter to the Reader
*Toxic masculinity affects men’s mental health
*Mental health should be integrated into curriculum
*WGHS needs more women’s studies classes
*Willie’s Comic
*Troupe 191 heads to Kansas City for State
*Women’s March happens despite the weather
*Webster feeds senior’s passion for change
*Marketing ll students take on New York City
*High school students struggle with mental illness
*Local organizations offer opportunities for teens
*Students perform at MLK celebration
*Jay Blossom hangs up the whistle after 20 years
*Athletics come with mental health consequences
*Review: ‘On the Basis of Sex’ appeals to all ages
*Kevin Hart steps down from the Oscars
*Review: ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ reflects poorly on interactive films
*Podcast makes depression hilarious


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