People still enjoy holiday classic years later

Annabelle Lewis
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“Home Alone,” 1990’s comedy still entertains today with slapstick comedy. Photo from

“Home Alone,” a 1990’s comedy that features Kevin McCallister  (Macaulay Culkin) an eight year old who accidentally gets left behind after his family leaves for Christmas vacation.

This movie runs for 1 hour and 43 minutes and is full of humor. Directed by Chris Columbus and loved by all, Kevin is loving his family free life by watching violent movies, eating junk food and doing things he normally shouldn’t such as jumping on the furniture and taking things out of his older brother’s room, thinking his family is pranking him and that it will be home soon. On the other hand when his family arrives in Paris and realizes what it’s done, it’s a battle against the clock to get home to seemingly “helpless” Kevin.

Kevin’s mother, Kate McCallister (Catherine O’Hara) does everything she can to get back to Kevin before Christmas. Kevin has to go grocery shopping on his own as well as prepare for the Christmas season. It becomes apparent that this is all too real and to make matters worse, two neighborhood bandits plan on robbing the McCallister home thinking it’s empty. Kevin has to “man up” and defend his home setting up various traps around his home to prevent the bandits from breaking in.

This movie contains a small amount of violence, foul language and parents can be seen drinking champagne on the plane. It shows neighborly love and helpfulness between strangers during the holiday season and how small sacrifices are made to help strangers with their problems, and it shows how all people should treat each other, not just during the holiday season. The classical tunes used in the movie is great along with the humor. Overall this movie was a 4.5/5 because of the outstanding comedy and how well it shows that family matters.


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