Orchestra to perform Dec. 4

Samantha Massena
Contributing Writer

Freshman Lucie Herrick, plays her bass in a music hall practice room to prepare for the Dec. 4, upcoming concert. Photo by Samantha Massena

Orchestra, led by director Andrew Pulliam, will perform its first concert on Tuesday Dec. 4, 7-9 p.m. in the auditorium.

Fresh Strings will perform first then Symphonic Orchestra then Silver Strings last.

Silver Strings is composed of members in that class. This competitive class requires students to go through a hard and time-consuming audition process to be placed in the class because of the level of music according to students Cate Curtis and Lucie Herrick, who are both freshmen.

Students who got in found it hard. In fact, only six freshmen got into the class, so they’ll have to audition later. According to Herrick, one of the six freshmen in the class, Silver Strings is a really excellent orchestra, and the music it plays at the concert is more complex than what mostly hear at a high school recital. In fact, it’s college-level music.

Because of the level of talent and expertise there’s an expectation of excellence surrounding the group, Herrick said she “feels like Silver Strings will be a little more organized, and I feel like they’d sound better because they feel more pressure to be the better orchestra.”

Curtis, a Fresh Strings member said, “I highly respect the people in Silver Strings because they practice so much and put so much effort into doing well.”

Curtis and Herrick have high hopes that this first concert of the year is an excellent one for Silver Strings, just like ones in the past, they conveyed. They both look forward to the music and sharing it with those who attend.



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