New teacher brings philosophies to English

Ada Foley
Contributing Writer

Chloe Moore, English teacher, enters her students’ assignments into the online gradebook. Her assignments are unique; she lets her students vote from a selection of due dates when she assigns something. “she’s definitely like a go with the flow type of person. But she is hard on us, like if we don’t get our work done she’s like hey you need to get this done,” said student Annie Kennerly about deadlines in Moore’s class. Photo by Ada Foley

Chloe Moore started at Webster Groves High School as an English teacher this fall, because she sought a change of pace.

As happy as Moore is with what already exists at Webster, she has hopes of her own contributions.

“She brings a lot of prior experience in some of the initiatives the district is pushing toward right now, so she is poised to be an integral part of some of our improvements,” department head Rita Chapman said.

Moore said the way to change the world is through young people. She does this by encouraging them to analyze people’s opinions through literature and express themselves through writing.

Moore maintains a democratic classroom. She guides her students to vote on deadlines for assignments, and she disciplines through humor. She explained the reasoning behind her method.

“To the core, kids are not bad people; really they’re not. They might have some things that they cannot handle, and they express it not appropriately, and it’s always something, but that’s the biggest thing I try to do. I try to discipline with humor,” said Moore

Three of her freshmen students, Ian Hartmann, Logan Mowry and Annie Kennerly, all expressed high hopes for her class.

When Kennerly compared Moore to other English teachers she has had, she said, “She’s a lot more chill… but she is hard on us… she’s not over top, but she’s not so chill that we could screw around and get away with it.”

Moore seems more than eager to teach her students, stating “…I want them to understand that your life is a process; you’re not going to get it in one swoop; it’s not going to happen.”


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