Ellie’s Expression: Young people need to vote

“I voted” stickers at the Tubman Chavez Center in San Diego in June 2018. © 2018, San Diego Union-Tribune. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency. Photo by John Gibbins/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

More than ever, it is necessary that young people vote in the upcoming election.

Too often, the turnout of generations Y and Z is underwhelming at the polls. In a NPR article, political reporter Asma Khalid, said, “Millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election.”

While we aren’t millennials, we seem to have adopted their way of thinking about voting. Studies show that the turnout of young people voting in the upcoming midterm election will be even less than the presidential election.

A poll released in June from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic showed only 28 percent of young adults ages 18 to 29 say they are “absolutely certain” they’ll vote in midterms, compared to 74 percent of seniors.

This is absolutely ridiculous. We are privileged enough to live in a country where we have the right to express our political opinions. It seems far too few young people recognize this.

In order for a democratic system to be representative of a population, the population needs to vote for things and people they believe in.

Right now, our country is being controlled by laws put in place by older people, for older people. Laws and government officials affect our lives and the lives of our children more than anyone else, so it just makes sense that we would be voting, but we’re not, and when things don’t go the way we want, we complain.

Instead of complaining, do something. Vote. Canvass. Phone bank. Let your voice be heard.
No matter your political standings, please vote. Make a change in your country; it is your civic duty.


Eleanor Marshall – Opinion Columnist

This is Eleanor Marshall’s second year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year. She has been recognized for her work by JournalismSTL, MJEAand MIPA.


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