Math teacher brings experience to WGHS

Michael Marshall
Contributing Writer

Steckman teaching geometry students. Photo by Michael Marshall

Elizabeth Steckman, a new math teacher, knew since kindergarten that she would be a teacher. but it wasn’t until attending a high school in Wausau, WI, that that dream could start to come true.

While Steckman was studying, she discovered that her favorite class was AP Calculus.

Steckman explained, “Calculus is a beautiful branch of mathematics that has a unique and intricate way of explaining the world around us,” Steckman said. She also enjoyed playing the French Horn and still does today.

After high school, Steckman attended Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. Carthage is a private liberal arts college located between Milwaukee and Chicago. There, she majored in math and music. She is now at UMSL, getting her masters in mathematics.

About WGHS she responded, “I love it. I am already feeling at home here.”

Later she explained why she is here at WGHS.

“I love the Webster community. Ever since moving to St. Louis, I knew that this would be the place where I would want to teach. I feel lucky to be here,” Steckman said.

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