Print Version: WG ECHO October 2018 Issue

This is the second issue of the 104th year of the ECHO.
Contents include:
*Young people need to vote
*Prank phone call causes panic
*Don’t Tread on Me’ flag shows understanding needed in cases of harassment allegations
*School District hires enrollment solution
*DECA produces various school events
*School board elects this years student advisors
*Drama to present Lloyd Webber classic
*Teachers travel between schools
*October brings tales of strange occurrences and unexplained instances
*National coming out day offers education
*Voter guide
*Women’s tennis celebrates winning season
*Underclassmen move to women’s golf sectionals
*Juniors perform for famed composer
*Wlllie’s Comic
*Is Webster Groves a ‘fine arts’ school?
*Student bands will play on
*Telltale to tell no more tales


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  1. For Cole Schnell’s piece on the “Don’t Tread on Me Flag”. The room number given is 297, for Mr. Daiber’s room. 297 is the number for Coach Lemay’s room. Mr. Daiber is 296 I believe.

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