Camp Wyman promises ‘life-changing’ experience

Ada Foley
Contributing Writer

Last year, counselors like seniors Peyton Mcginnis and Hollen Peterson enjoyed the outdoors, as well as the benefits of their counseling experience at Camp Wyman. “I think the counselors, when they start getting communication back from the sixth graders, them saying thank you… It helps us rise to the expectations of the kids who are looking at us with these high expectations,” assistant principal Angela Thompson says.

Week 1 of Camp Wyman started Sept. 30, and coordinators and veteran counselors predict it to be a life-changing experience for the high schoolers involved. Students left Monday for training, followed by a week of leadership and responsibilities.

Most WGHS students went to Camp Wyman when they were in the fifth or sixth grade, and the impact of the experience can be felt across the Webster Groves community.

Angela Thompson, assistant principal, got a unique insight into this effect working as the intern principal at Steger Sixth Grade Center two years ago.

“I watched the transformation from pre-Wyman to post-Wyman, and kids are standing taller… They’ve built community, like they’ve been through something… I think you are probably stronger and more invested in your community… It builds a lot of character. We at the high school benefit from our students’ experience there,” Thompson said.

The demands placed on high school students who do Camp Wyman is substantial. Missing a week of school puts students behind in their classes and discourages them from participating.

“It’s getting harder and harder to get enough counselors. I think because of the rigor in the classroom,” assistant activities director Cliff Ice said. Every year it is difficult to recruit enough students to be counselors due to the number of activities that high schoolers do in and out of school.

Senior Tori Watson said that all the hard work is worth it.

“I love working with kids of all age groups and it lets my leadership traits come into play,” Watson said, “I look forward to a lot at Camp Wyman… These kids look up to you.” Watson said

“It always seems like it’s the best experience the kids have ever had,” Ice said. “It’s rewarding, and they really do have a good time. It’s a life-changing experience.”

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