Artistic senior enjoys drawing, friends

Leor Shomroni
Contributing Writer

Martez Marti is very popular at WGHS, among his peers and teachers alike.

Senior Martez Marti sits at lunch with junior Sam Pirozzi. Photo by Leor Shomroni.

About Marti, SSD teacher Jannie Robinson said, “Martez is a very independent young man. He will let you know when you’re wrong. He has a sense of humor, and he’s just one of those students that everybody loves.”

Anyone who has met Marti can agree he’s always smiling and can brighten up anyone’s day. He’s had a large impact on his peers.

Robinson said, “He’s real [sic] positive and the kids enjoy him; they love his drawings.”

Marti has an artistic side. Some of his favorite things to draw include Big Bird and Spiderman. About what he enjoys doing at Webster, Marti said, “I like going to Mrs. (Debbie) Genovese’s class and drawing.”

Last semester, there was even a display of Marti’s art in the hallway by the senior entrance that included his Big Bird and Spiderman paintings.

Marti’s teachers describe him as always having a good attitude.

“Everybody likes him, he’s an outstanding person. I like working with him; I enjoy his company,” Robinson said.

Marti will definitely be missed after graduation. When reflecting on what he liked about high school, he said, “I liked making new friends at Webster.”

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