Triplets reminisce on their high school career

Trinity Madison
Ads/Business Manager

From left to right, Britney, Daria and Taylor Clark celebrate their candy bags on Halloween night.

Seniors Britney, Daria and Taylor Clark are sister triplets graduating with the Class of 2018. Each has a strong legacy and fingerprint at WGHS.

Taylor Clark said, “My biggest takeaway [from highschool] is to really focus on just like your grades and do like actually get involved in stuff because it actually will help.” The sisters have taken this advice to heart.  All three are involved in track and field and the Webster Challenge Committee. Britney is in DECA and National Honors Society. Daria plays on the silver strings team in orchestra.

They also make sure to have fun along the way.

Daria said, “[My biggest takeaway from high school is] probably all the like basketball games or the like really late nights on like weekends doing like dumb stuff.”

The sisters thrive on a sense of companionship. They each cite having two reliable and close friends as being the best aspect of growing up as a triplet. This experience is unique.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, out of every 100,000 children only about 102 came from sets of triplets. That’s about 0.1 percent.

Life as a triplet does come with a down side.

Britney said, “I also think that [being a triplet has] shaped my life a little bit negatively in a way because people see us as one person as a whole like as a whole group instead of as individuals which is something that I do not like at all because they label us as something specific based on what somebody else does.”

The sisters are each very unique and do have differences.

Britney describes herself as the more outspoken, popular and “not as nice” one.

Daria sees herself as a quiet person who often opts out of parties in favor of staying home or hanging out with her two close friends.

Taylor views herself as the quietest of the triplets and the one that people from school don’t know as well.

Each sister keeps a prestigious academic record. Taylor’s GPA is 3.67. Britney’s GPA is 4.0. Daria’s GPA is 4.2. They all plan on attending college after graduation. Britney plans to enroll in Southwest Baptist University to run track and possibly get an internship and into the film industry upon getting her Bachelor’s degree. Daria plans to enroll in Washington University in St.Louis or the University of Chicago and possibly become involved in politics. Taylor plans to enroll in DePaul University with a future in a premedical studies program.

Trinity Madison – Ads/Business Manager

This is Trinity’s first year as an ECHO staff member but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her junior year. 

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