Women’s track encourages team-building, family

Junior Cora Blackford finishes her first lap of the Womens’ 1600-meter run at the Webster JV meet on April 17. Photo by Ethan Weihl

Ethan Weihl
News Editor

Women’s track is off to a winning season this year.

At the Charlie Beck Invitational at University City High School on March 31, both the JV and Varsity teams got first place overall.

Senior Jamie Tabron talked about the skill of the younger athletes on the team. Tabron got second in discus and third in shot put at the Henle Holmes Invitational at Parkway Central High School on April 12.

“We have some good new talent,” Tabron said.

One of the “new talent” is sophomore Emma Kelley, who won in the 800-meter run at the Charlie Beck Invitational and at the Henle Holmes Invitational.

“I like the speed part,” Kelley said.

Senior Britney Clark also said how much she loves running.

“I enjoy running fast and feeling fast,” Clark said.

Clark won the 100-meter and 200-meter runs at the Charlie Beck Invitational and the 200-meter run at the Henle Holmes Invitational and has recently signed to run Division II track at Southwest Baptist University.

However, running isn’t just about speed. Junior Molly Nash, who got second in the 400-meter run said how running keeps people in shape, both physically and mentally.

Sophomore Lauren Kelley begins her stretch of the Women’s 4×200 meters at the Webster JV meet on April 17. Photo by Ethan Weihl

Coach Heather Kelly agreed, “Running is a good fitness sport.”

This is Kelly’s sixth season coaching track at the high school, but she is always excited to see what each season brings.

“I like seeing how the team gels every year,” Kelly said.

She also discussed the logistics of running at a tournament. “It’s like organized chaos.” She also said how there can be five or more events going at a time. There are almost 20 events total. “It’s a sport where there’s so many things to do.”

The team members also talked about the close community that the track team builds.

“I like the sense of family,” sophomore Joí Johnson said. Johnson added everyone supports everyone else, whether she’s having a good day or a bad day.

Senior Nicolette Schnettgoecke, who won the 3200-meter run at the Charlie Beck Invitational, said how track is a great way to meet new people.

The women’s track team has won over 40 individual races and two team meets. However, for a majority of the teammates, winning isn’t everything.

As Schnettgoecke put it, the best part of running track is “having a sport where I can compete in something I love.”

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