Breaking News: Students protest at the MO Attorney General’s office

Cole Schnell

Student protesters listen to Students Demand Action members speak against gun violence outside the MO Attorney General’s office. Photo by Cole Schnell

Students protest against gun violence in front of MO Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley’s office.

The organizer, Student Demand Action, chose this date because today marks the 19th anniversary of Columbine High School Shooting.

At least nine WGHS students and over 150 students from other schools joined the protest.

WGHS Students Demand Action representative, Camille Mussman, said, “Getting an education without having to fear for our lives is our right.”

According to its website, Students Demand Action wants legislation: “requiring a background check prior to the transfer of a firearm between licensed and unlicensed parties, prohibiting the private transfer of possession of assault weapons, 50 caliber rifles or large capacity ammunition magazines, requiring all firearms dealers to obtain a state license, requiring gun owners to obtain a license, register their firearms, and report lost or stolen firearms, limiting the number of firearms that may be purchased at one time, imposing a minimum waiting period of 72 hours on firearm purchases, significantly regulate the sale and purchase of ammunition, not allowing concealed carry within schools, places of worship, and public transportation.

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