Students find creative ways to prompose

Emily Stisser
Opinion Editor

From clever posters to crazy costumes, promposals continue to capture the high school heart. A promposal is a spin-off word of proposal, except it more relates to corsages, awkward photographs and the infamous party bus.

Each year, leading up to prom, upperclassmen brainstorm unique ways to ask a date to the coveted dance. A date could be classified as a friend or a partner, considering promposals are commonly used in both circumstances. A promposal is a unique, sometimes elaborate, approach in asking a date to the dance.

Senior Anthony Brown’s promposal to sophomore Marlena Milshteyn. Musical references and puns related to Milshteyn’s choral passion. Photo by Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown and Marlena Milshteyn

Senior Anthony Brown asked sophomore Marlena Milshteyn to prom with a creative poster having to do with her passion for music.

Milshteyn is an active vocalist in multiple music programs at school. This is her first year in the A-Ladies a cappella group as well as the choir program. Last year she was in the Freshaires choir, this year moving up to Trebelaires choir. Her love for music, singing and choir were incorporated into the promposal.

Brown, as well as anyone else, knows Milshteyn passion for music, hence the creative poster. The poster included musical terms and symbols used in sheet music. Each symbol fit perfectly into the clever message. The sign read, “I’ve had to SCALE this back, you’re my FORTE so I hope this is CLEF-ER enough, prom?”

Milshteyn said, “We were coming home from a movie. It was super late, and he kept telling me to go look in the trunk. I didn’t know why! We get out of the car; it was pouring raining; we open the trunk, and there is a whole sign with music puns and my favorite flowers. It was cute because he isn’t a music person at all.”

Adding a personal twist is a common approach, usually resulting in a more personal connection in the promposal.

Regarding Milshteyn’s opinion on promposals in general, “Promposals are really cute, and I feel like you can put a lot of thought into them, and it shows your person how they care about you and what they know about you.”

The personalized promposal was a success, considering Milshteyn said, “yes!”


Senior Micheal Pingel accepts Senior Sammie Weber’s promposal. Photo from Sammie Weber

Sammie Weber and Michael Pingel

Senior Sammie Weber asked fellow senior Michael Pingel to prom in a unique and somewhat fishy manor. Weber and Pingel have been close friends since kindergarten. Their consistent friendship allowed for a fun approach to the specific promposal.

Pingel is an avid member of the fishing club, considering it is one of his favorite pastimes. Weber took up the challenging task of connecting of creating a fishing inspired promposal, which doesn’t necessarily seem easy. Weber had a idea that would prove to be a promposal that blew Pingel out of the water.

A sign with a surprising twist served as a unique promposal during lunchtime. The sign read, “Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” A few weeks after the promposal, Weber tells about her process and the surprise which led to be a key element in the success.

Sammie explained, “I wore a fish costume and presented him with a sign. Moments before this I was awkwardly running down the music hallway in a fish costume. Many people who saw me in the hallway looked very confused.”

An unconventional element, in this case a shiny fish costume, can lead to victorious promposal.

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