Students share hopes for new principal

Elise Keller
News/Opinion Editor

Seniors Courtney Ramey, R.J. Wright and Carte’Are Gordon hand over the State championship trophy to Dr. Jon Clark in honor of his legacy both on and off the court. The Statesmen defeated Chaminade in Springfield on March 18. Photo by Greg Frazier

Dr. Jon Clark recently announced he will not return next fall and will instead retire after 15 years as Webster’s principal. ECHO asked the students what they want in the person who takes Clark’s place.

The ECHO survey asked students about what makes a good principal, what they hope the new principal will do the same as Clark, what the new principal should do differently, and what they liked most about their favorite principal.

The majority of the students said the new principal shouldn’t do things much differently from Clark, and the majority of students said their favorite principal from elementary all the way up to high school was, in fact, principal Dr. Clark.

Common traits the students found important in a principal included understanding, caring, kindness and flexibility. One student finds it important for a principal to be “Concerned about issues regarding sexism and racism. I think they should be protective of their students. I want them to be concerned with the well being of students.”

Mickey Erb, Dr. Clark’s secretary, has similar hopes of the new principal.

“I hope the new principal has similar characteristics to Dr. Clark: fair, empathetic, accessible, forward-thinker, compassionate, visible/mobile –gets out with the students and gets to know them, and sets high expectations,” Erb said.

For students wanting to help in the search for a new principal, an email was sent with a survey included.

“Dr. (Sandy) Wiley and the HR team have already met with various student groups to gather feedback. All students have or will receive an email in their student email accounts regarding an opportunity to assist the team in choosing the next principal,” Erb said.

The selection for the new principal will be announced the week of April 23.

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