‘Sweatshirt’ singer performs at The Pageant

Josie Krueger
Entertainment Columnist

I stood amongst the countless Sartorians who had gathered to see their idol in the flesh– renowned musician, social media star and actor Jacob Sartorius at The Pageant on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Sartorius signed with RCA Records after rising to fame through the social media app, “Musical.ly” amongst other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. His first and most well known single is “Sweatshirt,” which hit The U.S. and Canada’s Hot 100 Charts when it was released in 2016.

The anticipation built as Sartorius’s openers, Hayden Sumerall and Zach Clayton took and left the stage. Once Clayton left the stage, sporadic chants of “Jacob! Jacob!” arose throughout the crowd, catching on and then fading off. Sartorius himself emerged into the white spotlight, greeted by the piercing shrieks of the devoted Sartorians in front of him.

The singer opened with his hit “Skateboard” before performing a lengthy and unique lineup as the fans’ voices were heard screaming the lyrics, each wanting to catch his eye somehow. Many fans held up paper heart cut outs against their phone flashlights, while others held up signs they had made for him.

In between songs, Sartorius made sure to introduce his band members which included Paul on the drums and Drew on the guitar.

His set list consisted of most of his own songs, but he also performed covers of pop songs such as “Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCartney and “I Like Me Better” by Lauv.

Sartorius has not reached the peak of his fame yet, but is impressively recognized in the music and media industry for a mere 15 year old. Overall, his concert was riveting from beginning to end and he reciprocated the love his fans had for him, which was simply touching. There was never a dull moment.

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