Feminist Coalition honors women’s history month

Caroline Fellows

This collage is posted outside Feminist Coalition sponsor Kristin Moore’s room, Room 284. Photo by Caroline Fellows

March is Women’s History Month when people around the United States recognize the contributions of women in history and in daily life.

The Feminist Coalition meets every other week on Tuesday mornings and holds mostly educational discussions.

“This month specifically we’re building a collage of submissions from people who write about a woman that inspires them,” senior Olivia Weik said.

At the beginning of March, students stopped by the Feminist Coalition table during lunch where they could fill in the template.

The collage is outside Feminist Coalition sponsor Kristin Moore’s room.

One student wrote about Emma Watson because “she is an outstanding actress but also never allowed her fame to turn her into someone else and always shows her support and stands up for women’s rights no matter what others might think of her.”

“We’re also planning on doing a school supplies drive for the Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program in St. Louis,” Weik said.

According to the Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program website, the program’s mission is “to increase the independence and reduce the isolation of immigrant and refugee women by teaching them basic English and practical living skills in the security of their own homes.”

“They help them emotionally assimilate to society and basically give them all the support they need,” senior Sydney Cimarolli said.

About the message she hopes to spread by doing these activities Weik said, “The stressing of the importance of intersectionality and recognizing that all different types of women of all religions of society are all important.”

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