Frazier from the Field: Megan McClure is gone

Greg Frazier
Sports Columnist

Megan McClure delivers a goal kick into play versus Kirkwood on April 20. Photo by Andy Kimball

Stateswomen Varsity soccer’s first game is against Liberty (Wentzville) at Lou Fusz Soccer Park on March 23, at 8 p.m., and who will be in between the sticks (goalkeeping) is still undetermined.

There are four potential goalkeepers; senior Rebecca DeGreeff, junior Hope Johnson and two freshmen Sonia Bergeld and Whitley Coltrane.

Johnson and Bergeld have similar goalkeeping, but they don’t compare to previous State champion McClure’s height.

Johnson said, “Being short matters if you’re still a good goalkeeper. As to who will play on Friday? We still don’t know who will, but I think it’s between me and Sonia.”

Bergeld has a decisive answer for who will be keeper.

Bergeld said, “Becca. She’s a senior and has had practice over the last four years. Maybe in second half I’ll get some playtime.”

Field player and basketball player Coltrane has been introduced to the important position of goalkeeping. However, she maintains to be a field player.

“I’m unsure for whether I’ll be starting, but I’m going to continue to train. It’ll be hard on the team, but I think it’s a possibility to go to State if we have someone good in goal,” Coltrane said.

DeGreeff said, “Probably me. Just because of seniority. I think Hope and Sonia will develop into better goalkeepers throughout the season because they’ll get more playtime and since Hope and Sonia will be there seasons to come.”

Time can only tell who will mold into the carving left by McClure. These first couple of games accompanied by given playtime and coaching decisions shouldn’t be looked over.

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