WGHS hosts qualifiers for history bowl, bee

Sean Mullins
Graphics Editor

Sophomore Patrick Lee prepares to press a buzzer to answer a question. Photo by Ethan Wiehl

WGHS hosted the Missouri State Qualifiers for the National History Bowl and the National History Bee on Feb. 24. This was the school’s third time hosting overall.

The National History Bowl involves teams of four students who play a total of five history games, and the top team moves on to Nationals.

The National History Bee is individual, and student contestants answer questions over multiple rounds before moving on to the finals in the afternoon. Questions usually range from American and world history to history of other subjects, like science, English or sports.

WGHS had not previously won the competition in years prior due to stiff competition. According to Julie Burchett, the teams from other schools are incredibly dedicated to their craft, particularly Marquette High School, who won in 2017.

“If we have the team from Marquette coming, they have a team that works specifically only on history all year,” Burchett said before the competition, “so that makes it kind of hard to compete with them.”

Since WGHS hosted the competition, any students who applied could enter without worrying about travel expenses, as the competition doesn’t fund travel. Three teams of WGHS students entered, including sophomore Ethan Wiehl, who competed in the history bowl and bee in 2017.

About his experience with the previous competition, Wilde said, “I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot, too, which was awesome. It was a great time, just hanging out with friends.”

Student entrants practiced for the history bowl and bee by reading through history packets. However, as prepared as one can be, the competition comes down not only to knowledge, but quick thinking, as noted by sophomore Daniel Bloomer, who entered the competition for the first time this year.

Regarding his strategy for the event, Bloomer said, “I’m anticipating to make it up as I go.”

While the WGHS teams did not win the competition, students still enjoyed working together in the competition and are excited for the next bowl and bee in 2019.

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