All Write provides opportunities for student interns

Eleanor Marshall
Podcast Editor

Freshman Annalise McCann sings a song from “Falsettos” as part of All Write’s “Drama Queens” Feb. 26, performance in the Black Box Theater. This is the All Write Festival’s fourth year.

All Write Festival is a four-year tradition where authors, comedians, artists, historians and musicians come and share their knowledge and talents with students at assemblies throughout the week.

This festival is a large event for WGHS, and it takes a lot of planning. This is where the All Write interns come in.

“Students take on various roles for a few months before the festival to help us plan and organize and execute this festival,” Steve Leftridge, English teacher and coordinator of the All Write festival, said.

“Interns usually have a specialty, that can be anything from art to music to management, and they spend their time helping out with their specialty to make the festival run as smoothly as possible,” senior Hannah Luckes said.

“(Leftridge) just has a lot going on before the festival, so we basically just do anything he needs,” sophomore Isabelle O’Neal said.

Students enjoy this opportunity for a different way of learning.

“I wanted to be an intern because it’s a unique opportunity to kind of be your own teacher and learn in a new way, not just sit in class. You get to be independent,” O’Neal said.

“I really like the leadership role it gives me and the experience I now have with managing big events and being creative in unique ways. The incredible people I have been able to meet face to face and have conversations with has also been a major perk,” Luckes said.

“It’s fun to be a part of planning something that the whole school is so involved in and excited about and it’s amazing to be able to do the behind the scenes work before and during it to make it all happen,” senior Gracie Kaul said.


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