Drama department presents Broadway Revue

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Photos by Caroline Fellows


Evelyn Trampe
Business Manager

Broadway Revue was Feb. 8, and hosted by the drama department. The review gave 13 interested students the opportunity to showcase their talents through performing songs from Broadway musicals.

Audience members enjoyed the performances and recommend seeing more of the drama departments shows.

“I will always recommend anything related to the theater to other students. This show in particular was fantastic because it was like one giant musical. The crowd was great, the pianist was incredible, and the students who were performing were amazing,” senior Becca DeGreef said.

Senior Connor Hanneken agreed. “I loved the show, and I’m so glad the drama department gave the chance for rising Broadway performers to showcase their talents.”

The majority of students who participated in the show are a part of Broadway Club and prepared their songs for weeks.

“[Students] with [drama teacher Todd] Schaefer’s help, chose songs to sing and started rehearsing with [the drama department’s] collaborative pianist, Linda Radick, in preparation for the revue,” junior Nicolaus Braun said.


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