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Ashli Wagner
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Principal Jon Clark accepts his award for outstanding administrator from junior Trinity Madison Jan. 14, at the annual thespian conference at the Marriott Grand Hotel. Photo by Simon Moore

Troupe 191 nominated principal Dr. Jon Clark for Missouri outstanding administrator, he was awarded Jan. 14, at the state thespian conference.

Dr. Clark was awarded outstanding administrator in front of over 2,500 students according to Clark.

The award calls for “outstanding dedication to theater students, going above and beyond what was necessary, and just showing the arts are an important and valued experience,” according to senior Elliot Williams about the requirements for outstanding administrator.

This year’s state thespian conference was held at the Marriott Grand Hotel in downtown St. Louis January 11th- 13th. During the conference students from the high school and other high schools and middle schools around Missouri went to different workshops, performances and informational sessions throughout the day.

“He was nominated because of the whole remapping of the whole drama department and just finding us a place,”  drama teacher Todd Schaefer said about why he thinks Clark was nominated.

Part of the requirements for the nomination were at least two recommendation letters from the school.

Williams’ wrote one letter that said, “He didn’t have to see our shows, sing our praises in person or go above and beyond to encourage others to see it too, but he did and this speaks directly to his love of theater and its enriching qualities.”

Clark was told about his nomination prior to his winning the award by Williams.

“ It was an honor.  I’ve always been very close with the thespians, and I was also just very surprised,” Clark said about being nominated and winning the award.

“Dr. Clark has always been supportive of our productions, not only going ( to the productions), but also telling everyone to check it out for themselves. Another really cool thing he does is he doesn’t really censor both the language and the topics of our productions unlike other schools that have to go through a community on their school board for anything that goes on stage. His allows us to bring adult themes to our audiences that they really deserve to see as young adults,” Williams said about why he thinks Clark is an outstanding administrator.

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